We design customer centric strategies for creative brands.

Brand strategy

Know your customers, differentiate meaningfully

Timeline: 1 week

A business without a strategy is like shooting at a target in the dark. It’s impossible to aim if you can’t see where you are going. Many entrepreneurs assume they sell products, when in reality, customers buy brands. Taking the time to develop a brand strategy helps you understand how to differentiate from competitors in a meaningful way. We explore three pillars: customers, competitors, and brand.
This is a deep dive into your customers, competitors and brand to create your brand positioning. We go through a series of workshops and exercises that help you develop a customer centric mindset. This service is ideal for businesses in the early stages or if they are looking to reposition themselves. This service is automatically included in all other services. Brand identity design (e.g. logo, brand style guide, package design, photography, colour palette, fonts) is NOT included.
  • Market research to develop a deeper understanding of who your customers are
  • Analysis of how your products relieve customer pain points and create gains
  • Competitive analysis to guide how you should position your brand
  • Your mission and vision statement that will guide your business growth and operations
  • Key messages your brand should consistently communicate
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SHOPIFY website

Manage customer relationships with your own online store

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

Shopify is a powerful platform that allows you to manage, sell, and fulfill all in one place. With Shopify, you have access to tools that build and nurture customer relationships. Businesses rely heavily on returning customers who make repeat purchases and become brand ambassadors. Having your own store is the best way to manage customer retention.
Existing businesses that has been selling for at least six months. You are currently selling on a marketplace platform (Etsy, Amazon) or on social media (Instagram, Facebook), and you are ready to have your own independent online store. This service is also ideal for businesses who have started building on Shopify, but need an update from an expert.
  • Brand strategy services
  • Design and build of website on Shopify
  • Copywriting and SEO optimization
  • Site is responsive and optimized across all devices
  • 30 day technical support after launch
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