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Become a Resilient Entrepreneur

More often than not, entrepreneurs don’t have a clear idea who their customers are. What are customer’s pain points? What do they value? What are their interests? What communities do they belong to? It’s a lot to unpack. Customers are the backbone of a business, so it’s critical to understand customers to develop effective business and marketing strategies. We help creative entrepreneurs develop a customer centric mindset so they can build a business with sustainable revenue.


Go Beyond Products, Sell Customers Your Brand Story

Brand Strategy

A business without a strategy is like shooting at a target in the dark. It’s impossible to aim if you can’t see where you are going. Many entrepreneurs assume they sell products, when in reality, customers buy brands. Taking the time to develop a brand strategy helps you understand how to differentiate from competitors in a meaningful way. We explore three pillars: customers, competitors, and brand.

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Shopify Website

Shopify is a powerful platform that allows you to manage, sell, and fulfill all in one place. With Shopify, you have access to tools that build and nurture customer relationships. Businesses rely heavily on returning customers who make repeat purchases and become brand ambassadors. Having your own store is the best way to manage customer retention.

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Sell Beyond Products, Sell Customers Your Brand Story


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Hey, my name is Jane. I am the founder of The Better Melon. I'm a self-taught designer and worked as one for several years. Over the course of my career, I realized I had a knack advocating for the voice of the customer. In design, we have a field called user experience design and I loved to bring that practice to business. I left my design career to start my own company as an eCommerce Strategist. I help creative entrepreneurs build resiliency by teaching them to develop a customer centric mindset.

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How Stationery Can Foster Meaningful Relationships

We worked with Brittany, owner of Holyome Design Co., to develop a brand strategy and a new Shopify website. Brittany struggled to identify her market niche and needed help to understand her customers. Through a customer centric approach, we identified that branding her business as one that fosters meaningful relationships would make her stand out among her competitors.

“The direction for my brand now allows me to stand out while staying true to my roots.”

- Brittany, owner of Holyome Design Co.

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